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Break the norms of weight loss theory – Rethink About it!

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You might have heard of many weight loss rules that have been told from past many years. You must be shocked, but it’s time to forget everything what you think you know about weight loss up till now.

We will tell you how you can break the standard rules of weight loss and make your way ahead in losing weight and feel great. It’s time to say goodbye to all the old rules, as we are going to tell you the smarter ways to rethink about the theory of weight loss.

Diet trends, commercials and information regarding fad diets are the major culprits behind the confusion in your mind regarding weight loss.

While rethinking about these norms are important, what’s more important is your determination to shed off those unwanted pounds forever.

Whether you choose a rigorous exercise program or want to avail the benefit of using weight loss supplement like PhenQ, you must keep your mind clear regarding all the old school thoughts and contradictions regarding weight loss.

Instead of focusing on all the information that you hear, you must ensure to clear misconceptions in your mind.

These overhead information pieces can impose severe dangers to your weight loss success.

Moreover, the wrong strategy during weight loss regimen can also undermine your metabolism for the long haul. Among the mixed messages regarding weight loss, we will help you here to sort out what’s helpful and what’s not.

Following are some of the old school weight loss myths which we modified for you to excel in your weight loss journey.

Myth 1: Count your Calories

count calories

Modified Version: Upgrade your calories

We have heard the most common weight loss myth that we need to reduce our calorie intake in order to lose weight. However, instead of focusing on counting the numbers of calories, you should put your focus on eating fewer calories than you burn.

This would be surely a winning strategy, because we can simply not treat all kinds of calories equally, especially if we want to shed excess pounds.

To make the concept simplified, it can be said that it is not so much related to the quantity of calories we eat that drives weight gain and weight loss, but rather the nature and quality of those calories.

Our body requires a consistent balance of healthy nutrients including the perfect ratio of protein, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates along with minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in order to function optimally.

The balance of these nutrients put positive impact on our metabolism, which can affect your weight loss results. It is therefore advised to choose healthy options in diet, as 100 calories of chocolate and 100 calories of an apple doesn’t have same effects on your health. You need to choose the options having low Glycemic load (GL) and Glycemic Index (GI).

If dealing with hunger pangs is an issue for you, you should drink a great amount of water to have a fuller feeling.

Moreover, you can take assistance from appetite suppressants like PhenQ to help you through it. Instead of counting the calories in numbers, upgrade your calorie intake by taking in account the quality of these calories.

Myth 2: To lose weight, Start dieting


Modified Version: To lose weight, Nourish your body

The common misconception that we all have in our minds regarding weight loss is to follow strict dieting. In order to shed fat, we usually follow calorie-restricted diets that do trigger temporary weight loss, but we have to face terrible long term consequences because of the nutrition deficit that they cause.

Among the worst scenarios, such fad diets put our body into a hunger-creating, fat conservation mode.

The lower intake of calories will put rest on your metabolic rate and your body simply compensates the calorie deficit by lowering down your metabolism speed.

This will stop the process of calorie burning and all your weight will rebind. In order to move successfully towards your weight loss goals, you need to nourish your body with good food.

Instead of cutting down calories, you should include healthy foods in your diet that nourish your body with all the basic nutrients that it needs.

This will stop the process of fat storage in your body and with an increased physical activity, you can simply ignite your weight loss process.

Simply plan your calorie intake according to your current weight and the best approach is to eat healthy food for life.

You should include delicious whole foods that are high in quality in ways that they nurture your body for the long haul without putting a halt on your fat burning process and metabolic rate.

Myth 3: Fat intake will make you fat


Modified Version: Good fats are good for you

We usually think fats are the evils in our weight loss journey. Most of the dieters make mistake to completely eliminate fat from their dietary routine to lose weight. However, avoiding fat completely is a major mistake.

In order to lose weight, you should take an adequate supply of healthy fats that are considered essential for proper body nutrition and composition.

Fats are not always evils, but in fact, the good fats spark the process of weight loss by providing whole body health and long-term weight management.

The key to weight loss is to understand the difference between bad fats and good fats. Generally, Trans fats and unstable fats that are mostly present in processed foods are considered as bad fats, that certainly need to be eliminated from your diet.

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In addition, good fats are mostly found in fresh and whole foods like nuts, seeds, fish and meats. Along with proper diet, you can take help from reputed weight loss supplements like PhenQ to enhance your weight loss journey.

Eating a moderate amount of the healthy fats will help our bodies stay active, healthy and vibrant.

At the same time, the intake of good fats will also benefit our body by controlling excess blood sugar levels and bad cholesterol, while reducing our hunger and making us feel full, which will directly impact on successful weight loss and maintenance.